The Boy Band

Across the road from the Barcelona pavilion, I witnessed the MAD Band hanging out in the marble jungle of the CaixaForum in Barcelona. This place was brighter and whiter than my ass in the winter.

Midsummer in Denmark

The crazy danes have a tradition of burning witches to celebrate Midsummer, while the swedes wear pretty dresses with flowers in their hair and dance around a giant penis. No one wanted to go out and check out the bonfires with Nick and I as they claimed the weather was too shit, well shame on them, it turned out to be foggiest but most spectacular night Ive ever seen. It was straight out of some horror movie with bonfires lining the coast as far as the eye could see.

Stockholm stole the goods

These two now live in Stockholm, I should be saying stuff like 'its soo cool for them, Im so happy for them..' etc. But NO. I miss them, I did not want them to leave, and Im not happy about it. 

MAD Samuel

Samuel sums up everything that represents Studio MAD. 3 years ago, never having sailed in his life, he said 'that looks like fun I should buy a boat'. Then being the over achiever he is, he decided that he could design one better than anything he could buy. But whats the point in just designing a boat for your thesis and drawing some pretty pictures of it? In Samuels mind there isn't. He went on, during his 6 month thesis, to build his design, from scratch. The studio is called Making Architectural Design, however Samuel took it a bit too literally. The dude is a Madman? or a Genius? or are they the same thing? The most incredibly hard working individual I have ever met and I am stoked to be able to call him my friend. Samuel you are RAD and you are definitely MAD.

Drinks Stall

A small fold out drink stall in Barcelona

10 days with my favourites!

In early July I traveled to Madrid to meet up with my Mum and Dad. We spent the next 10 days traveling up from Madrid, through Pamplona, to Bilbao and then in to the Pyrenees in the south of France. A truly awesome and action packed trip with the two best people in the world. I have a serious amount of exploring photos from this trip which ill slowly post over the coming month or so, so expect a lot of daily posts!!!!


If you visit Stockholm you have to go here, the most incredible and calm place with some of the best architecture available in Sweden. Its a strange thing to spend a day walking around a cemetery when traveling alone, but is a breath taking place to think and be at peace with everything.

MUHBA Oliva Artes

I still have Barcelona photos to post as well so those updates will keep coming too lol. This sweet transformation by BAAS Architects was sadly closed when we showed up in Barcelona, but our hungover selves where just happy to rest in the shade and look at it :-)

Goodbye Studio M.A.D

These where taken on the last day of studio MAD. An amazing bunch of people and an absolute amazing studio, the best possible place to spend my first year in Aarhus. Sadly studio MAD has now been shut down and the tutors that made it such an amazing place to be have gone on to teach and fuel the minds of the bachelor students. Studio MAD you will be missed, we had the most fun and built the most stuff with the best people. Working hard is easy when its fun. Thank you studio MAD and everyone that made it what it was.

Where it all started..

A few days after Northside Festival we headed bush for three days on bikes. With these two awesome lads, Nick and Tom. We headed out to explore Mols Bjerge National Park, just 50km North of Aarhus. Staying in Shelters and cooking on fires. 

I have no idea how to upload all these photos from the summer, and its all quite over whelming. Im thinking I will do a single short post from each leg of my adventure and then just go back and fill in all the gaps after... If you have any other suggestions. Let me know. 

Im back!

Ohk, So I am back after almost 8 weeks of living out of a small back pack and traveling all over everywhere. I will do a post soon outlying the trip I went on and then over the coming weeks try and get through the huge amount of editing and uploading of photographs!!! The summer started, after final presentations, with building this pavilion / seat structure. I joined a team to help build this for the Northside festival in Aarhus in late June. Super rad times hanging in the sun building some stuff, was a nice break away from the class room and the computer screen!!

Away on Holiday

I am really sorry for the lack of updates this blog has received. Right now I am in Toulouse the night before I fly back to Aarhus, then I have 20 hours in Aarhus before I start riding to Olso. So yea... I have some beautiful photos from my travels in Pamplona and following the Tour de France so there will be some sweet stuff being uploaded one day. I wont really be back at my computer until the 20th of August. If you want updates check out my instagram : grantdavis28 I will try and start updating that. Hope everyone in Europe is having an amazing summer and hope everyone home is surviving the winter!!!

Peace in Boats

Walking down by the harbour in any city is so peaceful, but Stockholm is doing it one step better. I spent a few hours relaxing on the island of Skeppsholmen walking down by the boats. Traveling by yourself is both lonely and peaceful.

Sala Beckett

The rehabilitation of the Sala Beckett theatre by Flores and Prats in Barcelona. Soooo many textures!

New Camera

Good bye system camera and carrying around prime lenses! say hello to small pocketable life. Im not a professional photographer, in fact I'm faaaar from it. I enjoy sharing my stories, but mainly use this blog to help me remember what the hell I've been up to. Fancy expensive cameras dont make good photography, taking photos does, and that's what I plan to do!