Port del Canto

Stage 9 saw the tour tackle Port del Canto, one serious climb! This time instead of mum dad and I sitting by ourselves on the side of the road we got fully amongst. Epic day to add to and epic trip! This stage when from beautiful blue skies to finishing in the pouring rain in Andorra!


A series of portraits I have taken over the last few weeks, a series of amazing friends from all over the globe.

As I'm still posting photos from our epic summer adventure, Jens and I also set out for a short two day adventure, this one in October, making it a little different. It was WET and COLD. But a stunning two days on the bike before I continued on to our study trip on Anholt and Jens headed back to Aarhus. Short and fricken sweet!

Drive with no plan

Our trip through central/northern Spain into southern France was booked a maximum of 24 hours ahead of time. All I knew was to meet mum and dad in Madrid and work out the rest from there.. we booked the hotels the night before and just drove with no plan. This lead to finding some of the most incredible places. This hill top Village is somewhere in the Pyrenees, I don't think I will be able to find it again, but thats not really the point.. it was quiet, hot and stunning. Drive with no plan, and stop often.


We found some old torpedoes in Stockholm. Also! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!!!!

We were in Lourdes to check out stage 8 of the Tour De France! It was an awesome morning hanging out with mum and dad on the side of the road waiting for around 20seconds of excitement. The tdf passed through Lourdes on their way to tackle the Col du Tourmalet the highest mountain the the Pyrenees. We went on to catch up with them again at the top of Port del Canto, so more on that to come.


Nick and I went back to my favourite Island in Stockholm for small photography tour with our new cameras. Still getting used to this thing, I keep shooting at f2 and then going back to the computer and seeing the corner of the images looking terrible and get annoyed. Cheap lenses made in 1990 aren't the best corner to corner sharpness :-/

Long Rides

This blog has suddenly just turned into photos from my bike trips... hang on, thats what this blog has always been about. If you don't like it don't come back. Here are some old snaps from my 120km ride from Copenhagen to catch the ferry to Aarhus, one of the most peaceful days I've ever had on a bike. Absolutely magical.


In the misty mountains of the Pyrenees there is a town called Lourdes. Mum, Dad and I were staying here as it was the only place close enough to our route that had accomodation and that tour passed through. We soon realised upon arrival why this town had a vacancy. Lourdes is home to 185 hotels in fact thats all Lourdes is, oh and this monster of a cathedral with a healing grotto underneath. Lourdes was quite the adventure it turned out!