Cody's in charge of awesome

An afternoon at Cody's involves, waterfalls, beers, friends, sun and one epic BBQ feast. Thank you for providing the true EPIC-NESS that is a kiwi summer. 

Helsinki Harbour

A very different site to the NZ waterfall, definitely not the right trip to forget my gloves. But absolutely beautiful in its own cold way..

We found it!

Walking through the bush has its rewards!

Pine and Fern

Going on a hunt for a waterfall. My three week trip home involved everything I love about New Zealand, adventure time!


After catching flight 666 to HEL, and recovering from our 7 hours of jazz we set out to explore this frozen city. It was so nice to finally see snow after Denmark's very un eventful rainy grey winter.

Poor Knights

These small series of rocks are called the Poor Knights Islands. This nature reserve presents some of the best diving and snorkelling in the country.. when you visit NZ go here. Its incredible.

Missing my smiley #1


Straight after presenting our 9th semester projects, Liam and I set off on a 6 day trip to Helsinki and Talin. Night one of the trip involved drinking far more than we could afford and spending 8 hours listening to live jazz at Storyville. Needless to say it was worth every penny. If youre in Helsinki, make sure you check it out! 


I was frustrated to only have a few minutes exploring this area, I kept forgetting how long it would take to get across London on the Borris bikes! The Barbican Estate, a massive piece of post war brutalism. Damn its sweet, crazy but so sweet.

Yellow Perfection

A quiet bay, beautiful sunshine, clear blue water, and a yellow yacht.

Rock walks

Exploring the coastline with these two crazies on their birthdays!

Clear blue!

New Zealand summer at its finest!

Tate Modern

Really wish I had more time to spend here.. the view from the tower is amazing... typical english weather!


No one has caused more frustration in my life than the one they call Amazing-Amy. However none of it ever matters, as no one has gifted me more happiness or fuelled more passion than the one I call Amy-Face.


If anyone truly knows me, they understand that I have a small obsession with Lego, and by small I mean it controlled my entire life until I was.. well 25?
So when your Norwegian friends ask you to come 5th wheel in on a birthday party you don't say no!!! Four Norwegians and one kiwi set out to enjoy the OG Legoland, the place where it all started.. Billund! I will admit we were probably 15 years above the target age for this place, but goddam it was an awesome day! Thank you Miriam! and happy birthday! (yes I know these photos are from September last year, Im just slow at getting around to it)