Full Framing

In photography there is this mythical holy grail called 'full frame', the type of camera that only people silly with their money can afford. Ive only ever worked with M43 cameras, its where I started and its where I have stayed. They are fast, small and amazing for travel, but Ive always wanted to try this 'full frame' phenomenon. Well last week I finally bit the bullet and went for it. Having very low $$ left me with only one option. I picked up a Canon 5D classic, which was released in 2005, and then purchased a Canon 35mm f2 which was released in 1990. This isnt exactly new gear by any means! in the digital photography world its considered antique! Its not going to make my photography suddenly better I know, but god its fun to play with! and to me, thats enough!

Fundacio Joan Miro

This building was stunning, we didn't pay to go through (as by this stage in the day everyone was EXHAUSTED) But there is a lot you can see of the spaces from the free sections. And yes.. im still posting photos from April this year, nearly done though!!!

Behind Schedule

Im feeling very flustered with the photos I have sitting on my computer that haven't made it to this blog. Some edited, some still waiting to be edited. Traveling all summer and not keeping the blog updated has put me around 3 months behind schedule. Im not sure if Ill ever get up to date again..


I have the strange obsession with bridges. I think Mum and Dad got kind of bored by it towards the end of the week, but of course they wouldn't say anything! :-)


We came across this pavilion in Barcelona. Its super strange though.. I feel like its famous but Ive never seen any photos or images of it? I dont even know if it has a name? hmmm... Ill just call it the Pavilion in Barcelona.


Europe is filled with stunning little villages all over the place. One of my favourite things is exploring these places with my parents. A big part of my childhood was spent doing it with my mum and sisters through Italy. It wasn't something I appreciated until later in life. But here we are getting lost in Spain hunting out bridges in strange places. Go to a Europe, get a car and get lost. Its awesome!

Empty Torija

After meeting up with Dad and grabbing our rental car we decided we needed to get out of Madrid, and thought we would just find food on the way. About 1 hour North of Madrid, I could see a small town on the map and we decided to pull in. We arrived here.. Torija. The strangest small town I have ever been to. A large village full of houses on NO ONE around. We saw a total of possible 6 people as we spent 30min exploring the city. They have a huge fricken castle though!!! A strange, strange place. The girl at the bus stop sat there waiting the entire time we were in this town, must be only one bus a day, you wouldn't want to miss it!

Fin Dunning - Brother

I have been trying to find words.. But no matter how much you think you are prepared for in life it will challenge you to the enth degree. Fin Dunning was taken from this world far far too soon, he was a good friend and the closest I have ever had to a younger brother. I will miss you Fin, you always had a cheeky smile on your face and a belly full of nutella. You are a truly great person and one who never shied away from a challenge. It's our challenge now, and we need your strength. 

Rest in Peace Brother - Finlay Dunning

29/03/1995 - 20/09/2015

I wrote this around 1 year ago and never had the courage to post it. Posting it made it seem too real, I just couldn't do it. Fin, we miss you. Im doing my best to look after your brother, but you know how stubborn he can be.. he tried to buy a boat last week! with no where to put it! but don't worry, he'll be out there on the seas soon enough. He just wants to be like you! I love you Fin.

Madrid with Mum

I spent 2 days exploring Madrid with Mum, before Dad arrived. I have very few photos from Madrid as I think we spent more time eating and drinking! here is a snap shot of our Madrid explorations before we headed out of this huge city to the north!!!

The warm up trip!

Starting off with a stunning spring Aarhus day we headed along the coast north of Aarhus. I was loaded up on my Crowe-Rishworth, Tom was christening my Empella Cross bike and Nick was rolling on a bike we made the day before out of 3 abandoned bikes we found in the trash. Needless to say with in the first 25km Nicks makeshift bike got a puncture. Turns out the tube in the rear wheel had 4 patches in it!!!

KTH - Stockholm

As well as applying for Aarhus Architecture School I also applied for 3 others throughout Scandinavia. One oh which was KTH in Stockholm, This was actually to be my first choice! and I got accepted.. But the cost was just too insane, making Aarhus my only viable option. 
It was amazing to go and visit the University though, absolutely beautiful site and buildings giving the feeling of a real university power house!  

The Boy Band

Across the road from the Barcelona pavilion, I witnessed the MAD Band hanging out in the marble jungle of the CaixaForum in Barcelona. This place was brighter and whiter than my ass in the winter.

Midsummer in Denmark

The crazy danes have a tradition of burning witches to celebrate Midsummer, while the swedes wear pretty dresses with flowers in their hair and dance around a giant penis. No one wanted to go out and check out the bonfires with Nick and I as they claimed the weather was too shit, well shame on them, it turned out to be foggiest but most spectacular night Ive ever seen. It was straight out of some horror movie with bonfires lining the coast as far as the eye could see.