The lost photos of Norway

I realised I have lots of beautiful photos from my trip around Norway with Bård last summer. I say summer, but remember its Norway, so there was still snow. Yes that second to last photo, all those rocks are under water! 

Throwback Thursday: Rainbow

The 35th Americas Cup starts tomorrow.. which marks nearly four years since the last one. I spent about 3 months in 2013 taking endless photos of those insane 72ft foiling cats. It was one of those experiences I will never forget. Every day out on San Fransisco Bay with my good friend Joey on our sweet boat 'Rainbow'. There is still nothing more insane that racing a small boat with 300hp full throttle and watching a wind powered machine just put lengths on you, we maxed out at around 46knts and they just disappeared. Unreal feeling.

Tom is back!

Tom is back on the rugby pitch! he may be just starting off as a water boy, but hes learning fast! :-P

Life under the sea

Exploring submarines with Liam in Estonia. Its crazy to think my Grandad spent most of his life on one of these... but being a commander he did have the best room on the ship! Not sure how they didn't smash their heads into everything while everyone was smoking though :-/

Matching Friends

My friends are awesome! But they are even more fun when they comes as matching pairs! This has to be one of my favourite series of photos, its very slowly growing but I hope to continue to capture these awesome moments :-)

Mid Critique

Presented my thesis yesterday for our mid critique, a presentation of where one is at with only 5 weeks left on the clock. Surprisingly it went ok! still some serious 16hour working days left to go but luckily Im still in love with this part of Denmark. The mysterious West Coast in all its glory.

Me going for the chop!

After growing my beard to the longest its ever been, I was inspired by Tracy to just give it the chop. Not without some fun along the way however! So fresh and so clean clean!

Tracy going for the chop!

My crazy little friend Tracy decided to chop it all off! When I meet tracy two years ago she had white hair, I have always been able to tell how long I have known her by watching the white line grow out. Well on Saturday Tracy asked if I could photograph her as she cut it all off... It was a fun photoshoot in the forrest. Everyone, meet the new T-racy!

A small break

A short weekend break was needed from the thesis life, and what better way to spend that time than with friends on bikes eating good food! we rode 70km from Aarhus to Amalie's family summer house. The most picture perfect tiny 40sqm red hut in the forrest, oh! and with sea views ofcourse! Paradise was found a mer 70km bike ride from Aarhus.

More of the west coast

There is something so incredibly special about the west coast of Denmark, its absolutely beautiful yet will try and kill you at the same time. But this day, it was only showing its best colours. Riding alone and camping in a Danish winter is not typically the smartest idea.